12 May 2012

Help save the bees!

Hi all,

This isn't a proper post as I won't be writing any new articles now until early June (after my exams have finished), but I wanted to draw your attention to a petition by AVAAZ that is trying to get Bayer shareholders to vote to stop the company from producing very harmful neonicotinoid pesticides that are killing large numbers of bees globally and are significantly contributing to their catastrophic decline.

As you may or may not know, bees are crucial organisms for pollinating many species of plants and flowers and without their services very few of the planet's ecosystems will be able to survive. Bees are known to help in the production of around a third of all human food and represent an estimated US$40 billion in terms of the services that they provide to the agricultural industry. Simply put, they are irreplaceable. 

Although these pesticides aren't the only factor contributing to the decline of bees, they are a major 'player' and stopping their use is under our direct control. Please spend a few seconds to sign this petition, which is in the best interests of everyone worldwide and can have a direct result as Bayer are one of the major manufacturers of these harmful chemicals.



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