25 December 2012

Christmas message

Hi all!

2012 has been a remarkable year for me and I must admit, I'm fairly sad to see it pass. It has seen me graduate with honours from the University of Manchester, pass through two jobs, begin writing my first novel and, probably of most interest to you, has seen the creation of this blog; watching as it evolved from the humble dave's science blog (as seen in the URL), which I developed out of necessity for my final year project, to this world we live in - a blog of 63 posts and one of my favourite hobbies!

I hope that you have all found 2012 as prolific as I have and, if not, then remember that 2013 is a new year year and promises a fresh start! I also hope that you have enjoyed reading the posts on this blog as much as I have have in writing them and take the time to check out my Christmas Special post, which talks about the myriad of amazing techniques animals employ to survive the harsh inclement of winter.

I sincerely wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And hope that you continue to read my blog in the future!

David Taylor

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