28 March 2012

The world's smallest dog ever is born

About three weeks ago Beyonce, a Miniscule Dachshund cross, was born in the Grace Foundation Animal Shelter, California. Beyonce was so small when she was born that she fitted into a tablespoon and at just 10cm in length, she is smaller than a credit card or an iPhone! This makes Beyonce smaller than Boo Boo, a 10.16cm chihuahua, who currently holds the Guinness World Record for being the smallest dog ever and her application to Guinness has been submitted.

Beyonce was the last puppy to be born from a litter of five and was critically ill when she was born, which is not surprising really given her small size. Thankfully however, vets were able to help Beyonce using chest compressions and, amazingly, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation! As a result, Beyonce has cheated death 4 times and is doing fine at the animal shelter and will be available for adoption, along with her mother and siblings, within a couple of months.

Beyonce, the world's smallest dog ever!

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